Tips for pressure washer

9 Pressure Washing Tips For Fleet Cleaning

For commercial cleaning contractors, trucks and fleets are great washing opportunities. And, every job starts with the best pressure washer!

Benefits of Commercial Steam Cleaning in Food Processing

No more is speed the top priority for the food industry; rather, it’s about doing the job right. And right means establishing best practices for cleaning with the proper commercial steam cleaning equipment.

8 Best Fleet/Truck Pressure Washing Tips

For every truck that needs cleaning, the job of cleaning is different. Here are our top eight pressure washing tips for fleet and truck cleaning.

Power Washer Cleaning Tips for Agricultural Equipment

It’s always best to get an early start on your power washing needs. That's because cleaning agricultural equipment requires a fully equipped, self-contained, portable pressure washer, one that Unimanix can build and install.

Power Washer Tips for Cleaning Shopping Centers

Successful shopping centres recognise the investment in using a pressure washing program as this allows property managers, tenants, customers, and residents to enjoy a clean and well-maintained shopping centre.

Off-Road Construction Equipment & Fleet Cleanup, Made Easy

No matter the location, you need to clean your heavy equipment. Choose a durable, industrial-grade portable gas engine pressure washer from Unimanix, a top choice by construction professionals and ideal for outdoor cleaning.