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Parts Washers – In the simplest terms, are used to clean parts and components for manufacturers, remanufacturers and service providers. Unimanix offers and services part washing applications that can meet stringent cleanliness specifications within a number of sectors, including the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries.

The strength of our parts washers is in heavy equipment and general cleaning industries. We also offer a complete line of high-precision parts washers and the full spectrum of parts washing equipment for industries that require a stringent cleaning standard in their location.

With extensive experience in the heavy equipment, remanufacturing, mining, railroad, aerospace, automotive and general manufacturing industries, we’ve built the expertise required to meet your individual aqueous parts washer need. In addition, we offer a complete line of standard front load, top load, immersion agitation and spray under immersion, pass-through, heavy duty and custom built parts washers applicable for a wide variety of customers across several industries.

Our standard line of front and top load washers are among the largest in the industry. With turntable sizes ranging from 21” to 72”, and working heights from 32” to 72”, we have the right parts washing system for you.

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F-SERIES: Aqueous Parts Washers

Biological (BIO) Treatment Series
The F-Series line of parts washers not only provides precision cleaning, but also the reliability that makes this system popular in the world of cabinet washers. Designed to sit flush against the wall to save valuable floor space, the F-series is perfect for cellular cleaning environments or where space is at a premium.

Each system comes with a sprocket driven turntable, which eliminates chain, belt and tire drives that can stretch or slip resulting in poor cleaning performance. Its roll-in door also allows for easy loading and unloading in tight spaces and each system comes standard with precision v-jet nozzles, an oil skimmer, overfill drain and a low water shut off system. Affordably priced, the F-Series is the perfect replacement for manual parts washing.

PCS: Front Load Cleaning Systems - Aqueous Parts Washers

Mechanical Filtration (WLP & WCP)
A part of our original product offering, the PCS line of parts washers has evolved into one of the best cleaning systems your money can buy. This system not only provides precision cleaning, but also reliability that makes these systems a keystone in the world of cabinet cleaning systems.

With 17 standard models to choose from, custom units with turntables up to 72", weight capacities up to 50,000 lbs, re-circulating and fresh water rinse cycles, ambient and heated blow off options available, we have the cleaning system to not only meet but exceed your cleaning requirements.