ARF (AR Pump) Industrial Series

ARF (AR Pump) Industrial Series

Cold Water Pressure Washers

Unimanix delivers the best cold water pressure washers ideal for any industry that needs to power wash mud, grime and dirt. Built with industrial-grade pressure washer parts and accessories. These cold water power washers are designed to meet the demands of any industrial cleaning and for any application.

Review the PSI and GPM below and accordingly the pressure washer model to see the product specs.

All product pictures on our website are only used as reference and actual product can differ.
Models PSI GPM Request information
ARF-30100DCS 3000 10.0 Request information
ARF-30200DCS 3000 20.0 Request information
ARF-3040DC 3000 4.0 Request information
ARF-50100DCS 5000 10.0 Request information
ARF-5050DC 5000 5.0 Request information
ARF-5070DC 5000 7.0 Request information
ARF-7060DCS 7000 6.0 Request information
ARF-72100DCS 7200 10.0 Request information