DVS (AR Pump) Dry Steamer Series

DVS (AR Pump) Dry Steamer Series

Industrial and Commercial Steam Cleaning Equipment

The Unimanix professional steam cleaner can tackle the toughest industrial cleaning. It's dry vapour steam clean system means no wetness, no blast residues and no erosion. Steam uses less water and provides an environmental cleaning solution for heavy industry.

Why use Unimanix Dry Steam Generators?

  • Less water consumption and environmentally friendly
  • Reduces dirty water and cuts disposal costs
  • Dry steam cleaning means a faster clean
  • Applicable to all industrial fields
  • Very low running costs
  • No erosion of materials
  • No wetness
  • No blast residues

Review the PSI and GPM below and accordingly the pressure washer model to see the product specs.

All product pictures on our website are only used as reference and actual product can differ.
Models PSI GPM Request information
DVS-0120GD 100 2.0 Request information