Industrial parts washers in Canada

Parts Washers – In the simplest terms, are used to clean parts and components for manufacturers, remanufacturers and service providers. Unimanix offers and services part washing applications that can meet stringent cleanliness specifications within a number of sectors, including the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries.

The strength of our parts washers is in heavy equipment and general cleaning industries. We also offer a complete line of high-precision parts washers and the full spectrum of parts washing equipment for industries that require a stringent cleaning standard in their location.

With extensive experience in the heavy equipment, remanufacturing, mining, railroad, aerospace, automotive and general manufacturing industries, we’ve built the expertise required to meet your individual aqueous parts washer need.

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We are a Canadian manufacturer of custom-made industrial and commercial pressure washers (electric, diesel, and gas-powered), from 3,000 up to 10,000 PSI. Unimanix manufactures, installs and repairs a wide variety of hot/cold water, gas, diesel, propane, electric and steam models, for both permanent and mobile applications.


With over 25 years of pressure washer manufacturing experience, we understand pressure washers and we understand your local business - better than any local or international competitor!


All the machines we manufacture:


- No cheap plastic pumps inside

- Better quality & reliability than any other competing brands

- Thick-gauge steel, industrial-grade parts

- No fumes (electric only) - ideal for enclosed interior spaces

- Built using the highest-quality Italian-made parts

- Highest quality Cat&AR brand pumps, Honda/Kohler/Vanguard gas motors, Deutz/Hatz/Kohler diesel engines & Baldor electric motors

- No outsourced labor - everything is assembled in Canada

- All replacement parts are always in stock

- Any model is customized to your specific needs

- Local service technicians are always at your disposal



You can rely on our vast experience to create a high-quality pressure washer with customizations to fully meet your businesses’ needs. Contact us now to get a free & fast quote!

UNI-SC-500 & UNI-SC-500/30

Biological (BIO) Treatment Series
Ideal for transmission and automotive repair shops, the UNI-SC-500 has all the features the professional demands.

Cut-away sides at the bottom of the machine allow engine crane access to the 1000 lb. capacity wash turn- table for easy loading and unloading. A 12-gauge heavy-duty steel door and cabinet construction, ease of operation, and all the great features make the UNI-SC-500 the choice for professionals.

• Oil Skimmer • Simple Operation • Gasket Free Door • Automatic Shut Off
• Removable Parts Tree • Friction Drive Turntable • Filter for Recycled
Solution • 0-60 Minute Automatic Timer • Stainless Steel Spray Nozzles
• Stainless Steel Pump Impeller • Accommodates Engine Crane Loading


Mechanical Filtration (WLP & WCP)
Designed for truck repair centers and transmission repair shops, the UNI- SC-750 has all the features the professional demands. Cut-away sides at the bottom of the machine allow engine crane access to the 1,250 lb. capacity wash turntable for easy loading and unloading. With a 54” inside height the UNI-SC-750 is made to handle everything from small engine parts to light duty diesel engine blocks. Heavy duty casters provide mobility, critical for busy automotive shops. An 11-gauge heavy-duty steel cabinet construction and 12-gauge steel door, ease of operation, and all the great features, make the UNI-SC-750 the choice for professionals.

• Simple Operation • Gasket Free Door • Automatic Shut Off • Removable Parts Tree • Removable Tank Screen • Sprocket Drive Turntable • Removable Parts Basket • Filter for Recycled Solution • Stainless Steel Oil Skimmer • Stainless Steel Spray Nozzles • Stainless Steel Pump Impeller • Stainless Steel Handles w/ HD Casters • Accommodates Engine Crane Loading