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Best Commercial Pressure Washers for Transportation Industry

As a trusted pressure washer manufacturer for the transportation industry, Unimanix understands that managing labour costs, increasing productivity and improving profitability are essential to your business. That’s why we provide customized services and build top quality pressure washer solutions to ensure the fast and efficient cleaning of your vehicle, fleet, bus, truck, trailer or train.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, carrying over 75 pressure washer models and supported by our experienced staff, we can offer you many solutions to help make cleaning an efficient and streamlined process.

Quality Hot and Cold-Water Pressure Washers

All our hot or cold-water pressure washers include a steel-braided high-pressure hose, spray wands with a quick-connect coupling, and a heavy-welded steel frame and chassis that resist corrosion for years. Unimanix hot and cold-water pressure washers feature industrial pumps that are leak-free. These pumps require minimal maintenance requirements that can efficiently remove mucky fluids using a wide range of pressures and flows.

Our pressure washers are available with electric, gas or diesel motors and come in a variety of configurations, including mobile, custom trailers and wall-mounted cleaning units that can deliver a combination of up to 70 GPM and 10,000 PSI to meet your performance requirements.

Helping your maintenance staff meet the demands of fast and safe cleaning, Unimanix also offers a remote trigger operation, which will allow the operator to flip a switch and pull a trigger to begin. Many of our pressure washer units feature concentrated cleaner injectors and quick-connect spray nozzles with a variety of spray patterns, wands and hoses.

Custom Pressure Washer Units

We will work with you to customize your Unimanix pressure washer that feature:

  • Quality components such as CAT or AR pumps
  • Wide range of hoses & nozzles
  • Design excellence of a Honda or Kohler engine

Plus, depending on the pump selected, it can include a 7-year limited warranty! Your Unimanix territory manager will go over these details to ensure you get the right unit.

Wash Bay Systems

Not only will Unimanix work with you to map out your washing requirements, but we will also help you design the pressure washer set-up for your wash bay. You can count on our experience because we’ve custom-built pressure washing systems for over 100 wash bays. Fully automated, our convenient drive-thru wash bay is the right choice for your truck and fleet washing. Working with Unimanix, we will help you select a wash bay large enough to accommodate a vehicle such as a full-sized tractor or a set of trains. In other words, when you need to clean any mode of transportation, we will make sure you can clean it!

We will also help you select the right water recovery system that will allow you to reuse water, so there is less water usage and, at the same time, protect the groundwater from waste materials while meeting most municipal and environmental regulations.

Most importantly, the Unimanix wash bay systems are known for their low maintenance requirements, ease of operation, and excellent cleaning results. Fast and efficient, the Unimanix wash bay systems can be operated by a single user, or even up to 12 users simultaneously, depending on your requirements.

Professional Cleaners

As more cities and municipalities opt to outsource the cleaning and maintenance of their fleets and trains to third-party cleaning companies, Unimanix is at the forefront, serving professional cleaners in supplying them the right pressure washer solution.

Unimanix can build a trailer-mounted pressure washer with a water supply tank and wastewater recovery and treatment system, including collection tanks, oil coalescence and removal of solids. Wash waste is pumped into a collection tank. Treated wash-water is used again for cleaning or the system can dispose of the water. High capacity dump valves on the trailer’s side make disposal quick and straightforward.

Transportation Industries That Use the Unimanix commercial pressure washers:

  • Trains / Railcars
  • Trucks / Fleets
  • Tractors
  • City and School Bus Fleets
  • Waste Haulers / Garbage Trucks
  • Airlines / Air Freight
  • Shipping
  • Public Transit Systems
  • Car Rental & Dealership Companies
  • Delivery Vans
  • Boats & Ferries
  • Taxi Fleets

Pressure Washer Accessories

Unimanix carries a wide range of pressure washer accessories that can do both rinsing and application of foam cleaners for fast cleaning applications. You will also find the right accessories for those "hard-to-clean" areas.

  • Pivot Hose Reels
  • Extra-Long Hoses
  • Wired & Wireless Remotes
  • Foamer Attachments
  • High-Pressure Turbo Nozzles
  • Wand Extensions

Clean Better with Unimanix Detergents

Unimanix offers a range of innovative and technologically advanced cleaning formulas designed to improve the efficiency of your pressure washer. We provide detergents that are entirely biodegradable and approved for vehicles, trucks, fleets, buses and heavy equipment. You will find a wide selection of cleaning and sanitizing products, including disinfecting foam kits and eco-friendly soaps that help prevent scale build-up and fight corrosion in your pressure washer.

You will also find specially formulated detergents that are safe to use on all surfaces. Every Unimanix soap and sanitizer product is applicable for use with both hot-water pressure washers and cold-water pressure washers. All our detergents are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Customer Support & Canada-Wide Distributor Network

Unimanix offers a technically knowledgeable sales team and a Canada-wide distributor network ready to support your high-pressure cleaning requirements. With over 70 pressure washer models and more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we’ve got the solid expertise needed to help you select or custom design the right unit. We will build your custom-designed pressure washer that meets all your transportation business’s pressure washer needs. You can feel confident that your Unimanix pressure washer will continue to operate effectively for many years. Find out more, contact us today.

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