About Unimanix

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Unimanix, a Canadian company established in 1993, is a leading manufacturer of high pressure washers (power washers) and industrial washing systems. We also sell, repair and service related brands and products including water filtration systems and automatic parts washers.

With almost 25 years of manufacturing experience, Unimanix has firmly established itself as a leading player in the pressure washer (power washer) industry and has become one of the largest manufacturers of high pressure washers (power washers) and high pressure washer systems in Canada.


Unimanix provides pressure washer (power washer) maintenance and repairs for its customers throughout Quebec and Ontario while ensuring the highest stock levels of pressure washer parts and accessories to respond quickly to client needs. 

Unimanix supports its customers throught a dedicated customer service department. Technical teams are on the ground in the Québec, Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto regions to repair and service all brands of high pressure washers (power washers). Unimanix replenishes stock levels of pressure washer part in these various regions, ensuring the highest level of after-sale service and part availability.


UNIMANIX continually invests in research and development in order to offer the latest in pressure washer systems.

Every year new models are developed; Over the years we have developed 100% electric pressure washer solutions, dry steam generators, jet wash solutions, surface preparation solutions, mobile pressure washer systems and we are proud to claim that we offer the most comprehensive list of commercial and industrial pressure washer (power washer) solutions in Canada.


Unimanix offers a complete list of pressure washer solutions

In addition to standard models of pressure washers (power washers), Unimanix provides custom solutions to your pressure washer needs. Our technical team will work closely with you to understand your pressure washer application(s) and to accordingly develop, customize the right pressure washer (power washer) solution for you.

Expo Grands Travaux | 27-28 April, 2018

Visit us at the Heavy Equipment Show held at the Olympic Stadium!

Agricultural Show in St-Hyacinthe

We'll be at the Agricultural Show in St-Hyacinthe!

How to Strip Paint & Rust Using A Pressure Washer

Removing paint & rust from metal surfaces, or any other exterior surface is a tough job. Using a Unimanix industrial power washer washer will drastically cut the time needed to complete the task.