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How to Choose an Industrial-Grade High-Pressure Washer

How to Choose an Industrial-Grade High-Pressure Washer

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Whether you're in construction, own a large fleet or manage a food processing plant, you all need a durable, industrial-grade, high-pressure washer. The question is how do you choose the right one? 

Power Cleaning Indoor or Outdoor Location

Let’s start with where you will do the pressure washing, because cleaning indoors or outdoors will make a huge difference in deciding what type of power washer system you need. For example, if you are performing a professional cleaning job at an outdoor site means you may need a gas pressure washer. Or, perhaps you have quick access to electricity, and an electric pressure washer will do the job. 

Mobility Factor of Cleaning Operation

Other than location, you also need to consider the mobility factor of what you are cleaning. For example, if the cleaning job requires you to move from location to location, then a mobile pressure washer is needed. On the other hand, if you can move the cleaning object, like a truck, up close to the pressure washer, then a Bay Wash System could be the right choice for your operation. 

Mobility Factor of Pressure Washer   

Even with the best industrial, portable electric pressure washer you will have limitations to portability when cleaning indoors. You’ll be tied down to a particular location because the motor on your electric pressure washer needs an electrical outlet. When you need to perform cleaning outdoors, you can choose from an electric pressure washer or gas pressure washers; both are standard solutions. 

Whether you select an electric or gas pressure washer for outdoor cleaning, you can use a garden hose from a spigot or draw water from a large tank, making on-site cleaning easier because of the mobility factor. Learn more about hot water pressure washers & cold water pressure washers..

Size of Pressure Washing Jobs

When choosing a high-pressure washer, you also need to consider the size of your operation. For example, should you run a service that requires cleaning more than 20 hours per week, what’s needed is a durable, industrial-grade pressure washer and made right here in Canada, like a Unimanix! 

Even for a small cleaning job, less than five hours per week, you should consider Unimanix!

Because you will get the same excellent service, valuable training to get the job done right, as well as maintenance and warranty coverage that so many customers have come to rely on from Unimanix Industries.

Quality and Durability

In the end, both are valid options. Electrical pressure washers are economical, quiet and eco-friendly. A gas pressure washer is portable, useful and convenient. Let Unimanix show you how to choose a pressure washer that will suit your needs for today and tomorrow. Book an on-site pressure washer demo — We'll show you why Unimanix is the leading pressure washer manufacturer in Canada.

About Unimanix

If you want to sell your electric or gas pressure washer! You can communicate with one of our Unimanix's representatives to find the best solution for your needs. 

Choose the best, choose a Unimanix pressure washer or industrial power washer for commercial or industrial applications! Unimanix has been manufacturing durability since 1993, with features that can handle the challenges of heavy-duty trucks, trailers, buses and trains. Whether it is to design, install, build a complete washing facility or customise a trailer for mobile pressure washing services, Unimanix is committed to meeting your exact needs. Proudly and serving Quebec and Ontario! Proudly made in Canada.

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