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Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Drainvac

Equipment designed for heavy-duty and commercial work, an outstanding performance with no daily maintenance requirements. Applicable to a wide range of industries; the vacuum system cleans all types of particles (liquid, solid, fine dust).

Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Drainvac - Cyclonik Series

Aspirateurs Commerciaux Et Industriels Drainvac 1

Commercial System

Instead of a big, centralized system, you may prefer a compact unit installed at each cleaning station. The commercial systems vacuum both dry and wet materials.

The Cyclonik series do not require any bag, filter or cartridge. Several options are available such as a steel mesh that catches plastic bags that could interfere with airflow, or a float valve that cuts the airflow to notify the user that the canister is full (of liquid).

Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Drainvac - Automatik Series.

Aspirateurs Commerciaux Et Industriels Drainvac 2

Industrial system

The best solution when traditional vacuums are no longer efficient, the Automatik Series vacuums feature a compact design compared to competitor that is built to work for several consecutive hours. With piping connections available in two sizes: 3 ‘’ (76 mm) or 4 ‘’ (102 mm), it vacuums solids and liquids and evacuates them directly into the drain. Featuring a self-cleaning cycle, there are no bags to change and no tank to empty: everything is done automatically!

The Automatik Series vacuums are easy to adapt depending on your needs with decanter and split versions available, and the casing features a life time warranty. They are ideal for weekly maintenance for all industries, such as: agriculture, food, automobile, military, supermarket, etc.

Aspirateurs Commerciaux et Industriels - VacReel Series

Aspirateurs Commerciaux Et Industriels Drainvac 3

Accessory for commercial and industrial uses

Fast and easy to use, the VacReelTM is designed to leave you stress free and keep you safe from tripping hazards to reduce injury rates. It’s self-locking ratchet makes a noticeable loud noise which makes it fun to use and generates confidence in your cleaning tools.

The VacReelTM runs on its own mechanical works and does not require any electrical power. If your central system can vacuum liquids, the VacReelTM is equipped with a high-end commercial hose which let’s you do so.

Engineered to ease your cleaning methods, its appealing professional finish will make you want to show it off.

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