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Benefits of Commercial Steam Cleaning in Food Processing

Benefits of Commercial Steam Cleaning in Food Processing

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The food processing industry is changing and for the better. No more is it about cleaning the fastest; rather it’s about doing the job right. That means establishing best practices for cleaning food processors in a manner that renders bacteria and other pathogens incapable of reproducing. A cleaning method that allows food processors to be clean both visibly invisibly like that can only be accomplished by using the right Commercial Steam Cleaning Equipment. 

Sanitization and Sterilization - Both A Necessity

We’ve all come to appreciate the powers of what washing with soap and water can do to reduce the number of pathogens to a point where they are not a risk to human life. However, today’s proper hygiene for food processing facilities should include sanitizing and sterilizing.

Food often lands on worn equipment parts, defects and cracks, which are all places where bacteria can grow. Food processing plants need to stay vigilant about stopping bacteria, which can live for days and often lives in new places, even outside their preferred environments with no difficulty.

When establishing a cleaning protocol, one must understand the difference between the terms to sanitize versus to sterilize. The definition of sterilization is “a process that renders bacteria and other pathogens incapable of reproducing,” which means that to sterilize will also sanitize but sanitation does not necessarily include sterilization. 

Benefits of Commercial Steam Cleaning Equipment For the Food Industry

The dry vapour steamer can help the food industry enormously by helping to reduce the number of outbreaks of bacteria. The high heat of dry steam under pressure quickly sterilizes and cleans equipment and containers. Chemicals, water, and steam all work together to not only clean but also sterilize where pathogens are well below a threshold that does not pose a danger. 

Understanding the Commercial Steam Cleaning Equipment

It is best to start with an understanding of the nature of the steam used for industrial cleaning, which is very important.

Boiling water over 100°C creates dry vapour steam. Hot water can maintain its temperature for hundreds of feet, but the result will be less pressure, lower temperatures and wetter steam. Dry steam is run on a shorter hose because it loses temperature and pressure very quickly.

For food processors, dry vapour steam, either saturated or overheated steam that creates minimal moisture content, is ideal for sanitising this type of equipment.

Improved Costs Saving with Commercial Dry Steam for Industrial Cleaning

The main advantage of choosing dry vapour steam is its increased cleaning effectiveness.

Steam can eliminate the need to dismantle processing machines, thereby reducing labour costs and lost time. For example, a tent, like a bag, covers the meat processing equipment. As the steam injects into the tent, it reaches 71°C or more, and after 20 minutes the equipment is clean and sanitised. There is no need to dismantle the machine.

With traditional cleaning methods, food processors need to be dismantled and moved to a contained area. The closed area needs a drain for the pressure washer, in addition to requiring chemicals and manual labour to properly clean all the corners, cracks and crannies.

From wineries to breweries, commercial bakeries to pasteurisation of products such as pistachio nuts - steam cleaning is applicable across the food processing industry.

How to Select a Commercial Steam Cleaning Equipment

Choosing a cleaning method starts with the preferences of the food processing facility, what safety regulators expect and the common goal of all – that no contamination which could harm the health of a consumer occurs. It is best to start by consulting with your Unimanix representative; please contact us here.   info@unimanix.com

Can Steam Cleaning Eliminate the Need for Chemicals?

It can be possible to clean using a chemical-free sanitation process. There are certain applications ideal for steam cleaning, especially with equipment sensitive to moisture or pressure. Steam cleaning is also applicable for facilities without drains for wastewater. Before you replace chemicals with steam, please consult with your Unimanix representative.

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