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Power Washer Cleaning Tips for Agricultural Equipment

Power Washer Cleaning Tips for Agricultural Equipment

Trucs De Nettoyage Pour Équipement D’agriculture 2

It’s always good to get an early start on your pressure washing needs. Before the harvest begins is the best time. That’s because cleaning agricultural equipment requires a fully equipped, self-contained, portable, durable pressure washer, which Unimanix can design, build and install for you.

Pressure Washer Equipment and Supplies

While Unimanix can custom design a mobile pressure washer to meet your specific needs, for this article, we’ve provided a basic list of pressure washer equipment, parts, and accessories for agriculture equipment cleaning. You’ll need the following:

  • Self-contained, mobile hot water pressure washer with a range of 5 GPM with minimum 2000 PSI for maximum cleaning efficiency
  • Soft-water treatment system, optional for that high-finish on your agriculture equipment
  • Wastewater containment system
  • Brushes
  • Lances
  • Injecteur à savon
  • Low pH chemicals
  • Dry Steam Equipment, optional for orchard equipment

Pressure Washer Techniques for Agriculture Equipment

Now that you have the right Unimanix hot water pressure washerby Unimanix and before you begin cleaning, you’ll need to set up the washing area. The washing area needs to control and dispose of grease, oil, and wash water residue in a method that meets environmental guidelines.

Prepare the equipment you need to clean and then start with a hot water rinse. This rinse step is to remove mud, speed up grease emulsification and get the surface ready for the soap. Once completed apply soap using low pressure with the downstream injector. It is best to use a mild detergent, and at the same time, one that produces excellent cleaning results.

When the equipment is soaked thoroughly start to brush off all the grime and grease residue, paying particular attention to engines, chassis, and combines. Rinse immediately.

Rinsing is an important step and should be done quickly before the soap dries. Rinsing is also an effective method in removing dirt, so make sure you don’t miss spots or key areas where dirt and grime build up.

Before you start to clean the sap or fruit residue from orchard equipment, always do a test first to find the optimal temperature to remove the residue quickly. It is important to also check the degree of hot water because too hot will reduce the extract into a gummy material. Detergents or degreasers may also not work to remove fruit extracts, whereas using powered, rotating brushes can work better.

When cleaning gaskets, belts, and seals, consider lowering the temperature of the hot water to avoid damaging these equipment parts.

Finally, always wear proper personal protective equipment, particularly when agriculture machines use pesticides or herbicides or is being transported from field to field by the machinery.

Wastewater Management When Pressure Washing Agriculture Equipment

Wastewater collection is an essential element of power washers and industrial pressure washers cleaning jobs for agriculture equipment. When cleaning engines and chassis, this will add petroleum content to the wastewater, which will limit your options for wastewater disposal. Speak with a Unimanix representative about your wastewater collection and disposal regulations for agriculture equipment cleaning. Give us a call; we're always happy to help!


If you want to sell your electric or gas pressure washer!, you can contact one of our Unimanix's representatives to find the best solution for your needs.

Choose a Unimanix pressure washer for either commercial or industrial application! Unimanix has been manufacturing durability since 1993 and offers over 75 commercial grade models with features that can handle the challenges of farm equipment cleaning and maintenance. Proudly serving Quebec and Ontario!Cleaning for the hog, poultry, dairy or any part of the agricultural market, offers a variety of challenges. The techniques described herein are general. It is best to consult with your Unimanix Representative before taking on certain pressure washing jobs.

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