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5 safety tips before using a pressure washer

5 safety tips before using a pressure washer

5 Conseils De Sécurité Pour Utiliser Une Laveuse À Pression 2

You are about to purchase a pressure washer for your business. To help you with its use, here are five basic safety tips for any type of pressure washer. best industrial, portable electric pressure washer pour votre entreprise.  Afin de vous accompagner dans votre utilisation, voici des conseils de sécurité élémentaires pour tout type de laveuse à pression. 

1. Make sure your premises are compliant

Before you even use your pressure washer, you need to be sure that your installation complies with local building codes. Contact your electrician, plumber, utility company or sales distributor for specific details.

 2. Read the owner's manual carefully

This may seem a bit elementary, but it is absolutely necessary to read the user’s manual carefully, as failure to follow the instructions can lead to machine malfunction and result in severe bodily harm and/or property damage. 

3. Wear suitable equipment

When using an industrial pressure washer, it is essential to wear adequate protection equipment. It consists of a pair of boots, gloves, hearing protection and eye protection. As a matter of fact, it is essential to protect the eyes. Safety glasses do not protect adequately and are not recommended, it is best to use goggles.

 4. Keep the pressured water jet away from the body

The pressured water jet can cause serious injury. Do not approach the nozzle near your hands or any other part of the body. Do not point the spray at other people or animals (point your gun at the ground when you start using it). Industrial pressure washers must be used by trained operators of legal age. Be careful not to spray flammable liquids.

 5. Watch out for slippery floors

Water combined with some additives can transform a normally safe floor into an extremely slippery and dangerous floor. Always stay alert.

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