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Viandes Dunham reduced their water consumption by 25%

Viandes Dunham reduced their water consumption by 25%

Food industry case study 

Water plays an important part in manufacturing processes and food preparation. Its daily use for product processing or cleaning is, of course, accompanied by operating costs. Reducing water consumption is a challenge for food factories.We met with Viandes Dunham, a food processing factory. The company specializes in preparing ready-to-cook meats. Mr. Donald Labrie, their Maintenance Manager, gave us a moment to share his experience with his Unimanix Pressure Washing System.

Immediate benefits 

In the past, the Viandes Dunham factory was cleaned using nozzles specialized for the food industry. They have a debit of 80 L/minute, which was causing important water consumption. After a precise analysis of the company’s needs, we installed a custom-built Unimanix Washing System. The benefits were immediate: Mr. Labrie attests that daily water consumption went from 20-25m3 to 15-18m3,3 a 25% decrease. 

In addition, the system is entirely made of stainless steel, which eliminates the possibility of rust.

Increased productivity 

In addition to improving their water consumption, the factory’s cleaning tasks’ productivity has also doubled. The workforce has gone from 4 to 2 people, while still improving performance!"We used to have 4 washers. Finally, they are 2 now, and they do all the same work as when they were 3 or 4." 

  1. Mr. Labrie says: With the Unimanix installation, we are winners, more than before!"

We thank Mr. Donald Labrie for agreeing to share his wonderful experience! If you also face challenges with your company, we invite you to contact us and leave us a message.

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