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How Pressure Washing Can Help Prevent the Spread of The Flu

How Pressure Washing Can Help Prevent the Spread of The Flu

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We understand that you need to protect your customers and employees from the flu and other communicable diseases. As you know, the COVID-19 coronavirus is another type of infectious disease and is very contagious, so taking preventive measures becomes a crucial task for virtually any business facility. Ongoing preventative maintenance and pressure cleaning are two excellent ways to protect your employees and to keep your operations running smoothly.

If you're a facilities manager or you if provide professional cleaning services for high-traffic locations such as universities, shopping centers, or work in hospitality, you know that the flu will often surprise you with how fast it hits, and how serious it can become. Walkways, concrete driveways, and decks can benefit from regular power washing.

Thankfully, using a quality pressure washer can help to keep the flu and other viruses from spreading, and ensure that everyone hopefully stays healthy. The Unimanix industrial pressure washer will properly clean and sanitize anywhere that people gather, all trucks or fleets, parking lots and any area that accumulates build-up grime and dirt.

Power Cleaning Procedures for Municipalities & Cities

Schedule pressure washing during off-hours. Cleaning procedures such as pressure washing platforms, parking areas, access walkways, and rights-of-way should be restricted to hours when no passengers are present and used only after proper disinfection has taken place. When power washing, do not direct the debris toward other workers. Workers should stay upwind when using a power washer outdoors or in strongly-ventilated areas to avoid blowback. Please consider wearing eye protection during pressure cleaning.

Power Washing Schools & Universities

Many areas on campus could benefit from pressure washing. Campus buildings, public restrooms, and parking lots are just a few critical areas that need proper cleaning using a pressure washer. We've provided a quick review of how to clean a public restroom using a pressure washer:

High-Pressure Cleaning Standards for Public Restrooms

Equipment and Materials Needed:

• Foam gun and approved disinfectant solution

• Unimanix Pressure Washer

• Two scrub brushes (one long handle and one short)

• Rain gear, goggles, boots and gloves


1. Remove all paper products and trash receptacles.

2. Read and follow Unimanix instructions on how to use the disinfectant.

3. Start pressure washing at the top of the walls, working your way down. Allow the foam to disinfect with the recommended dwell time. Let the soap stand and, while wet, agitate the solution on the walls with the scrub brushes.

4. Remove soap scum and hard water stains from surfaces with the pressure washer.

5. Rinse thoroughly using low-flow water pressure to ensure you don't spread particles.

6. Clean the floor in the same manner as the walls. Disconnect the foamer from the hose.

7. Wipe all chrome, vents, toilet seats, ledges, mirrors and windows dry.

8. Restock all dispensers and set clean trash receptacles when the floor is dry.

Parking Lot & Asphalt Pressure Washing

Protect your constituents, employees and their pets by keeping sidewalks and parking lots clean. About 70% of concrete stains are from fungus, molds, and mildew. These types of bacterial growths are due to poor environmental conditions such as water, humidity, temperature and lack of ventilation. One reason to use a Unimanix pressure washer to clean your asphalt parking lots is that this cleaning method is very effective and efficient. You can use either a hot or cold-water pressure washer with a gentle chemical cleaner. For mouldy or mildew-covered cement, use lower pressure and coat the surface in detergents first and let it rest before rinsing.

Tennis Courts Washing

Tennis courts tend to attract things like mildew, mold and algae that can all make a tennis court slippery, which can result in slip and fall hazards, and injured players. If you're planning on power washing a regulation size tennis court, you'll most likely need two commercial pressure washers, spray applicator, detergent and brushes.

Shopping Centers Cleaning

If you manage a shopping center or strip mall, you have more than likely run into the need for a commercial pressure washer. In addition to parking lots, shopping centers need to properly clean and disinfect other areas too, such as driveways, entryways and dumpster pads. At Unimanix, we understand that every power washing job has its unique requirements. Based on the obligations and cleaning requirements of shopping centres, you may need a flatbed truck, which Unimanix can set-up for you. Ideally, you'll need a hot water pressure washer rated at a minimum of 5 gallons per minute (GPM), 3500 PSI with a water tank and a pressure hose mounted on a reel. For a complete pressure washer and accessories list, please review "Power Washer Tips for Cleaning Shopping Centers."

Pressure Washing for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Just like universities and shopping centers, multi-unit residential builds have a high risk of spreading viruses and flu. Pressure washing is the answer. Here are a few areas where pressure washing will not only beautify your multi-residential building; it will also clean and disinfect it.

• Sidewalks

• Common areas such as public restrooms

• Pool Decks

• Parking garages

Truck Fleeting Pressure Washing

Common areas and shared assets, such as your truck fleet, are prime targets for spreading viruses. Before your employee gets in your truck, consider that a virus can spread via a contaminated surface like a door handle and steering wheel. Or, if the previous truck driver had a cold, the virus can be expelled into the air by coughing, sneezing or just exhaling and is then inhaled by the next driver taking the truck. Using the Unimanix pressure washer reduces the time it takes to clean your vehicles. With over 25 years in the industry, carrying over 75 pressure washer models and supported by our experienced staff, we can offer you many cleaning solutions to help make fleet washing an efficient and streamlined process. You may want to read « 9 Conseils de lavage à pression pour le nettoyage de flotte » available on our blog.

Keeping Hospitals Clean

Every day, hospitals are bombarded with germs, bacteria, viruses, and other infections, and now are subject to the COVID-19 coronavirus risk. Hospital cleaning is a priority considering the staggering amounts of diseases, cases of flu and other viruses brought in every day. Simple procedures such as washing hands, quickly cleaning spilled fluids, or properly disinfecting exposed surfaces must be maintained.

General Best Practices to Avoid the Flu

Don't forget to clean and disinfect frequently touched areas. Consider any popular surface. For example, doorknobs, phones, water faucet and staircases need to be cleaned daily. Soap and water and following up with a disinfectant spray are your best options to keep the flu under control. Depending on the size of your business, disinfectant wipes may come in handy for this purpose.

There are many essential steps to any cleaning and disinfecting to help stop the spread of coronavirus and flu. We've provided some fundamental cleaning concepts in this post. Should you have any questions regarding the Unimanix pressure washers, please contact us.


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