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Advanced Design Features in Pressure Washer Hoses

Advanced Design Features in Pressure Washer Hoses

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From cleaning dairy equipment to removing oil stains from concrete, Unimanix has the right pressure washer hose for you. Because making sure you get a flexible and resilient hose, one that runs trouble-free, are increasingly important factors for anyone who is looking to buy a pressure washer.

In this post, we’ll discuss product innovation, application and proper maintenance and when combining these three essential elements result in a better performing pressure washer. For a primer on pressure washers, check out, How to choose a pressure washer , available on our blog.

Product Innovation

At Unimanix, we certainly take advantage of product innovation. We carry a variety of hoses from manufacturers who use new materials that increase flexibility and provide greater durability with their hoses.

Consider the Cat Hose Assemblies which are available at Unimanix and come in a broad line of high, medium and low-pressures. These Cat Hose Assemblies are engineered and tested far beyond industry standards for top performance and long life. We also carry the Cat ToughGuard™ hose, which features a highly abrasion resistant polyethene cover that has surpassed two million cycles of abrasion testing without failure. Cat hose and couplings are tested as a system, above industry standards to ensure the strongest, most reliable connection possible.

These hoses are easy to clean, provide a higher UV protection, and offers an excellent abrasive resistance – all product qualities many users first think about when their pressure washer is in use and when placing it in storage.


Pressure washers that work outside may require long hoses when buildings need to maintain accurate indoor air quality. If you need long hoses, you can get them at Unimanix. These long hoses are flexible, designed with abrasion resistance technology and protected from ultraviolet light - significant features when the power unit needs to be outside a building, and the hose used inside the building.

Many contractors pick a pressure washer based on the type of jobs they have. For example, we have high-pressure hoses specifically designed for the food processing industry where strict sanitary environment must be maintained. These different features and improvements in a hose are important considerations in the buying process.

We also carry a full line of wire braided-rubber pressure washer hoses that are reinforced with top-grade steel wire. For specific industries who need the top-of-the-line hose that reduces the chance of premature ruptures, this is it. It’s just one of the many areas we focus so that we can deliver product features that showcase best in class pressure washers.

You will also find different choices in high-pressure hoses with quick release couplings. Quick release couplings can accommodate high flow rates and minimal pressure drops. The colour-coding diameter hoses are also available at Unimanix. Colour-coding makes for easy selection between the ¼-inch and a 5/16-inch diameter hose, a favourite feature for contractors who need to switch diameters for a different application.

Safety Features

Safety is important. In addition to features such as top quality steel wire, UV protection and abrasion protection technology, other safety features include yellow-coloured hoses. These hoses alert workers where the hose is, and as a result, can reduce the chances of tripping over the hose. Plus, when you’re on a busy site, like a construction project, this safety feature can alert heavy equipment drivers not to run over the hose. Yellow-coloured hoses are available at Unimanix! Contact your sales rep today.

Proper Maintenance Is Important For Your Pressure Washer

If you want better performing hoses, it requires the right maintenance. Refer to your Unimanix Operator’s Manual for best practices. Ensure that you store it correctly before the end of the season, including disconnecting the hose and draining residual fluid should be done before closing your shop for the season. Freezing temperatures and harsh environments mean you’ll need a storage location that is dry. Taking all the proper maintenance steps will ensure a longer life for your hose and of course, will perform to your expectations.

Our Customers Are Number One!

From the proper application, improved productivity and with maximum safety, we want you to get the most from your power washer hose. We work towards making the best pressure washers possible with hoses that offer advanced designs and compounds such as polyurethanes and elastomers for greater durability and flexibility in hose technology.

For our customers, from the trucking industry, construction, mining to agriculture, they have the advantage of the accumulated innovations in pressure washers resulting in better hoses available today at Unimanix.

If you have any questions about our pressure washers and hoses, please contact us directly at info@unimanix.com.

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