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Common Pressure Washer Repair Problems

Common Pressure Washer Repair Problems

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Chances are you’re visiting Unimanix because you’re looking for the best pressure washer made with durable and solid components. But even the best pressure washers can break down. As mentioned in our previous post,“Best Pressure Washer Maintenance Program”, you should always check your Operator’s Manual for troubleshooting tips and safety first.

The following are some of the most common snags with pressure washer systems. If you don’t find your question answered here, please give us a call, and we'll help you with your pressure washer.

Common pressure washer problems are:

  • Low-pressure: Usually this common problem is due to an incorrectly sized nozzle or a nozzle that has worn out.
  • Contaminated fuel: Old, contaminated or dirty diesel fuel can block the fuel nozzle. The fuel tank should be cleaned out once a year; this will help to stop contaminants from blocking the fuel lines.
  • Loss of pressure: Letting the pressure washer run on for too long without pulling the gun trigger, is one of the most common causes of loss of water pressure. Because you’ve allowed the bypass water to get too hot, the pump overheats and pressure loss occurs.
  • Insufficient inlet water volume: Usually caused by debris caught in the inlet filter screen that is restricting the flow of water. Other causes could be vacuum leaks in the supply plumbing, lines or fittings.

Before pressure washer problems occur:

  1. Conduct a visual and operational inspection of the unit, from top to bottom
  2. Check if engine speed and nozzle configurations are set to the desired result
  3. Check the nozzle for proper inlet flow/volume
  4. Test for appropriate electrical service
  5. Check for a clogged nozzle or fittings, which can restrict pressure
  6. Check the fuel or gas tank
  7. Test water supply if there is no water from the nozzle
  8. Check for loose connections, followed by O-rings then hoses, if water is leaking

Electric motors

The most important issue for your electric pressure washer is to have proper electrical power. At Unimanix, we build our pressure washers with the capacity to run on different voltages. You may want to consider getting one of our new models that come with newer electronic equipment and fail-safe mechanisms built in the unit.

The takeaway here is to know your equipment and talk to one of our salespeople or distributors; we’ll work with you to determine which proper voltage is best for your power cleaning jobs.

Hot water pressure washers

  • Unloader valve is bypassing water: Usually caused by a restriction in the heating coil
  • Burner fails to come on: Turn on the vacuum switch, the burner will then activate when the trigger is pulled
  • Lack of water flow: Make sure that there is enough water flow going into the machine.

Proper storage

If you take good care of your pressure washer, it will last longer. If you’re putting your pressure washer on a back trailer, secure it properly so that it does not bounce around. Don’t allow the unit to freeze; this can cause parts to warp, bend or distort. Train your staff to keep the unit clean, especially if your pressure washer sits idle for periods at a time.

Take the time to learn about your pressure washer, for example, pressure washers that are not in use for months at a time will require the pump to be flushed out before starting the unit. Last point, is to invest in winterising and spring prep maintenance schedules.

Preventative maintenance program

All good things start and end with proper maintenance. As we mentioned in our maintenance program post, preventative maintenance is the best return on your investment and good practice for long-term operating investment.

Create a checklist on what to inspect, build a maintenance schedule based on your usage and have a toolbox ready. At the very least, do the minimum maintenance requirement, which is every six months you’ll need to change the oils and filters; check the hoses and so on. Review your operator’s manual for best maintenance practices. These steps will go a long way in helping you build a prosperous business and ensuring minimal time lost on a cleaning job.

If you would like to develop a Preventative Maintenance Program, check out this page, click here..

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