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Pressure Washer Heating Coil Maintenance

Pressure Washer Heating Coil Maintenance

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You’re probably running hard water through your Unimanix Hot Water Pressure Washer.Most water in Canada is hard to some degree. The challenge with hard water is that it leaves mineral deposits such as silicate and sulfates creating lime and scale buildup, which will affect the coil operation.

Because hard water will scale up faster, coil cleaning should be a part of a regular maintenance routine for your pressure washer. The build-up of debris will result in reduced water flow and pressure. Or, you may find the water is getting hotter than usual, or the nozzle is getting clogged more often, all signals pointing towards it's time for maintenance for your pressure washer.

When coils are not correctly maintained, extreme situations can also happen. For example, the discharge water can get very hot, pressure water hoses can blow up, or fittings can leak. Scale buildup also happens quickly since the water is heated to high temperatures causing impurities to accumulate faster.

Two other areas to consider are the detergents used and the application of these detergents. Depending on the types of chemicals used in the making of these soaps can cause scale build-up to happen. Also, the application of these detergents, for example some contractors use the upstream injection method to heat the chemical, and as a result scale buildup will occur from these chemicals.

However, you can avoid these issues by establishing a regular maintenance routine to ensure optimal performance of your pressure washer.

Coil Preventative Maintenance

Annual scheduled maintenance for your hot water pressure washer will include the heating coil. However, you also need to consider your geographic location and level of use which could mean you’ll need to clean your unit more often. In other words, if you find the performance of the pressure washer is not optimal, and all signs points to the coil needing descaling, then descaling should be done.

Just as important is cleaning the outside of the heating coil. Soot buildup on the outside will interfere with the heating coil, creating a barrier causing temperature loss and even make the heat source work harder. Even light soot can act as an insulator; make sure to clean the outside of the coil to ensure proper combustion.

Regular Coil Maintenance

  1. Establish routine maintenance, which will guarantee you that all parts of your pressure washer system are working correctly, and soot build up should not happen.
  2. Apply coatings on coils and water filters to prevent scale buildup.
  3. Use a soft scrubbing solution with acidic coil cleaners when coil cleaning is required. Take note that acid-based cleaners work very well, do apply great care when handling it and follow the instructions carefully.
  4. Wear proper protection to prevent the acid cleaner from contacting the skin and eyes. Always work in an appropriately, well-ventilated area.
  5. Dilute and neutralise the acid-based cleaner after running it through the coil.
  6. Flush pump, and hoses with clear water for 10 minutes before putting the pressure washer into storage for next use.

Recommendation: We recommend that you get a service technician to do a full preventative maintenance check-up any time you work on your coil or do other work on your pressure washer. Contact your Unimanix Technician today!

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