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Concrete Cleaning Best Practices Using Pressure Washers

Concrete Cleaning Best Practices Using Pressure Washers

At Unimanix Industries, it is our goal to help you get dirty jobs done quickly and efficiently while you accomplish your goal of maintaining public safety year round.

Les Meilleures Pratiques Pour Nettoyer Les Surfaces En Béton 1

From concrete driveways, sidewalks, government warehouse floors, entrance ways, city parking lots, parking garages and more, there is always a stain removal that requires immediate attention. Over time, sidewalks deteriorate from battery acid, tire marks, and other environmental factors that have a negative impact on our lovely city streets.

Stains are difficult, and no single product removes all stains.

Three things that affect stain removal are:

  • Source: The source of the stain
  • Timing: How long the stain has set
  • Surface: The surface to which the stain has set

Best Practices: Concrete Cleaning Using Pressure Washer

Grease and Oil Stains

À cause de la pénétration rapide dans le béton, les taches d’huile et de graisses demeurent les plus difficiles à éliminer complètement.

If an oil spill occurs, stop it from spreading by encircling it with sand, dirt or sawdust. Apply an engine degreaser, or another specific cleaning product and power wash the surface thoroughly with our Unimanix Hot Water Pressure Washer, theARH-3540GDC.). It is a gasoline engine, diesel burner with a Honda Engine making it a perfect industrial-grade pressure washer for this type of cleaning job. It may be necessary to repeat this process within a day or so to remove any deeply ingrained oil or grease that sometimes continues to rise to the surface.

Fungus, Molds and Mildew

Protect your constituents and their pets by keeping sidewalks clean. About 70% of concrete stains are from fungus, molds, and mildew. Adding to these types of bacteria growth are environmental conditions such as water, humidity, temperature and lack of ventilation.

For best results, use the Unimanix ARH-3540GDC, the hot water pressure washer with a gasoline engine and a 3500 PSI x 4 GPM diesel burner. Add chlorine bleach to the water and apply the pressure washer to the concrete sidewalk. Use protected gloves, and with an industrial broom, remove any dead fungal residue, and then rinse thoroughly with further pressure washing.

Rubber and Tire Marks

Use the Unimanix (ARH-2060ED1C) a hot water pressure washer with an electric motor, 2000 PSI and a 6 GPM diesel burner. Remember to rinse the concrete surface thoroughly should you need to use a rubber removal compound.

Dry Paints

The Unimanix unit number ARH-3040ED1A is a cold water pressure washer with 4000 PSI and 5.0 GPM and will remove most surface paint films. The addition of an abrasive substance in the water stream will assist with difficult to remove paint films.

Smoke Stains

To get rid of smoke stains in concrete, start by removing any surface deposit by pressure washing using a pressure rating of at least 3000 PSI. The Unimanix ARH-3040ED1A is a durable, hot water pressure washer that provides a flow rate of 4 GPM and will remove stubborn contaminants such as smoke. You can find this unit and all the other pressure washers highlighted by using the search feature.!

Hot or Cold Water to Clean Concrete?

Cold-water power washers are cost-effective and simpler to use than hot water units. However, hot water cleans faster than cold water, especially when you need to power wash. For example, when cleaning oil and grease, hot water helps life the oil off the concrete, especially in cold weather. More importantly, hot water power washers will contribute to reducing labour costs because of its effectiveness and speed in cleaning. For a more in-depth article on this topic, please check out Hot Water Versus Cold Water Pressure Washers.

About Unimanix

Since 1993, Unimanix has been manufacturing a comprehensive range laveuses à pression for a wide range of industries and applications. Unimanix also sells, repairs and services related brands and products including water filtration systems and automatic parts washers. To better serve its growing clientele, the company has four operations located in Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa. Proudly made in Canada.

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