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With a factory offering a full staff of professional design and production engineers with unmatched technical expertise, experience, and success dating back to 1993, Unimanix specialises in and is well known for designing and building the industry's most rugged and technologically outstanding line of:

We offer pressure washer models with more advanced features designed for indoors, outdoors, and even the most sophisticated simultaneous multi-user systems required, combined with advanced technologies. 

We can provide our customers with completely custom pressure washer configurations designed using application specific technologies, and rugged, standardized components and sub-assemblies to meet your specific requirements, whether for:

  • Government and municipalities
  • Food and non-food manufacturing
  • Chemical production
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Mining operations
  • Meat and fish processing
  • Humvee cleaning in deserts
  • Transportation
  • Airlines/aircrafts
  • Power plants
  • Petroleum/oil industry (oil wells, oil platform, oil rigs, etc.)
  • Up to 13 or more user configurations

... or most other common or sophisticated commercial and industrial applications conceivable. 

Commercial High Pressure Washers and Steam Generators Manufacturer in Canada