August 27, 2017

Heavy Equipment, Keep It Clean

Pressure washing protects your heavy equipment and clean equipment also lasts longer! With the cleaning strength of your Unimanix pressure washer, you can remove mud, grease and grime from large equipment on a regular basis. Plus, by adding power cleaning to your maintenance program, you can improve the performance and prevent the breakdown of any machine or equipment.

Select the Best Pressure Washer

Look for advanced technologies and features that improve the cleaning power and the efficiency of the machine. Choose a hot water pressure washer or industrial power washer from Unimanix, a top choice for pressure-washing professionals and ideal for outdoor cleaning. Unimanix can also mount your portable pressure washer on your truck or trailer. There is no dirty job that a Unimanix pressure washer can't handle! 

The Set-Up

Unimanix can design and install a complete wash bay system that would allow you to clean multiple vehicles and equipment at the same time. The Wash Bay Systems from Unimanix are customised to fit your specific needs for truck washing, equipment cleaning, and other tasks. It is a fast way to clean vehicles, including the chassis.

Safety, First

Safety should be a priority before you begin any pressure washing job. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety glasses. Pressurized water can fling sharp debris, rock, or wood into the air, which can cause injury. When working on a boom lift, wear appropriate boots because the platform may be slippery when wet and follow proper aerial lift safety training before you start to pressure wash.

Additional Benefits With Unimanix

Wastewater containment is a must to meet environmental requirements governing most places. Along with the wash bay system, Unimanix can install water recycle system to treat your wastewater and recycle it for cleaning purposes. 

Plus, the Unimanix Wash Bay System is easy to maintain and can improve the performance and prevent the breakdown of your equipment because of faster and more efficient cleaning.

To find out about our available pressure washer options and how to maximise your wash bay system, contact your local Unimanix representative today. 


Choose the best, choose a Unimanix pressure washer or industrial power washer for commercial or industrial applications! Unimanix has been manufacturing durability since 1993, with features that can handle the challenges of off-road and heavy equipment. Whether it is to design, install, build a complete washing facility or customise a trailer for mobile pressure washing services, Unimanix is committed to meeting your exact needs. Proudly serving Quebec and Ontario! Canadian Made.


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