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Surface Preparation is the process of removing contaminants. Surface Preparation may range from a wipe down to a total stripping of a coating. The surfaces are usually metal or aluminium and include steel bridges, ship hulls, large storage tanks (internal and external), walkways, helipads or any hard surface. Removable contaminants include paint, oil, scale, or rust. Contaminates are removed with High-Pressure Washer Cleaning before coating or painting a surface. Surface Preparation requires appropriate preplanning and evaluation of potential hazards before work can begin.

There are several types of Surface Preparation methods that are used to clean a surface before painting or coating. These include Toxic Cleaning Solvents, Chemical Removers, Mechanical Removers, and High-Pressure Washer Cleaning. The two most common forms used in Surface Preparation are High-Pressure Waterjetting (water only) and Abrasive Blasting, which uses a significant amount of abrasive (primarily sand).
In recent years with Unimanix leading the way, High-Pressure Washer Cleaning (Up to 10000 psi) has been replacing Waterblasting (Above 10000psi) and abrasive blasting as the preferred method for Surface Preparation. The benefit of High-Pressure Washer Cleaning is its extremely ingenious way of being an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way to prepare a surface for coating application with only pressurised water.

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Surface Preparation

UNI 7060 - The complete surface preparation solution

Over the years, Unimanix has been working closely with bridge operators, coating contractors and other stakeholders to develop the UNI 7060 - the all in one surface preparation solution:

  • Adjustable up to 7000 psi, 6 gpm
  • Hot water
  • Chemical additive storage and injection system
  • Abrasive blasting capabilities
  • Rugged 8’ x 4’ frame